Naming Summer Sapphires

At 18 I got kicked out of the house. For saying “fuck you” to my dad. Yup, that was the big “last straw” for him. It happened & I spent the last remaining month in my home town between my grandma’s couch & a friend’s floor.

The weekend before I was supposed to move to SF I went to see my friends in Final Last Words play the venue I grew up in, The Blackwater. That night was the absolute best way to say goodbye to a not so great hometown.

Final Last Words play the Blackwater summer of 2011

Johnny & I talked about how we went to the Blackwater as kids. It’s where I definitely fell in love with music. He told me about how even though it was a tiny cafe venue, it was a dream come true for him to play there. I got it. That place taught me so much growing up.

red cups and flip flops in summer
Red cups & flip flops were a running theme the summer I left my hometown.

After, we all basement partied at some neighborhood house where we had to go around back to get in. There was a still decorated, very dead Christmas tree in a corner. In June. Some kid showed off his bright red sunburn with the shape of an iPod above his belly button, complete with the perfect cord running all the way up his chest. We drank until the booze ran out & laughed the entire time.

It was one of those perfect small town moments where the night feels like it holds a million possibilities. You get half drunk just from being a part of it.

In all the excitement of the evening, by the time we got home I straight up could not sleep. I put in headphones & lay on the floor staring at my friend’s ceiling fan while everyone else crashed for the night.

I’d always talked about wanting to run my own clothing company. It wasn’t until that night that I knew what kind of company I wanted that to be.

I wanted to be able to capture the feeling of that night. Of all summer nights. That hot, sticky energy of it.

The way it creates this feeling that even if

your world is falling apart

you are doing ok

just for that moment.

That was the night I named Summer Sapphires. Summer just felt like it needed to be in the name after that night. It’s also always been my favorite season.

Sapphires came from the movie Almost Famous.My favorite character in it is named Sapphire. The first time I watched the movie I immediately connected with her. Sapphire from Almost Famous Love Music QuoteShe has an understated love for music that captures my feelings perfectly. She is even on tour with Black Sabbath, which my favorite song to rock out to growing up was “Iron Man.”

So when trying to think of ways to include my love for music in my brand name it only seemed right to use Sapphire. Plus the combination with the name Summer created a double letter, which I always love.

My final decision before falling asleep was:

if I still like the name Summer Sapphires in the morning when I’m hungover, I’ll keep it.

While eating breakfast burritos the next morning I checked if the social media handles & url were available. They were & the decision was made. Summer Sapphires was born.


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