Pictures from Arizona

Just a collection of pictures & a few words about our recent trip to Arizona!

Just a small collection of pictures from Zach & I’s recent trip to Arizona. We drove there & back so most of these pics are taken from the road. We had a wonderful time. It definitely reminded me that we should vacation more often!

Due to my ever busy schedule, we left the city at 9pm right after I finished teaching a class. This was the sunrise as we started to get into Arizona.
Once we made it to Arizona the skies were beautiful & clear.

We made the trip so Zach could participate in the annual Art in the Yard show. He rocked his new shirt, there was a rad metal work artist & we got in a round of mini-golf the next day. Successful trip all around!

It was fun but it was brief. In no time at all we were back on the road.

We took the long way home this time & stopped off in Bridgeport, CA for the night. We stayed at the best little family owned lodge and enjoyed the quiet.

These views were from our literal doorstep at the lodge. Absolutely gorgeous!

Had to take a panoramic to attempt to capture the whole view.

I cannot recommend Big Meadow Lodge enough! The owners were extremely sweet & we chatted for a while before hitting the road again. Wonderful people with a fabulous business.

Like I said, I took a lot of pictures from the road this time around!

We made one last pit-stop before finishing our stretch to San Francisco. Since we’d be driving past it anyways, we stopped so I could show Zach my family’s cabin. However, it was completely buried in snow!

We made it home safe & I jumped right back into my work. I can’t wait to go on another trip like this with Zach again soon!

Read about how I made Zach his shirt for the Art in the Yard Show here.


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