Summer Sapphires is a clothing company that strives to take the intoxicating energy of watching a favorite band play a live show and turn it into wearable, everyday clothing.

Zoe Ocean Profile Picture
Owner, Zoe Ocean.

Inspired by life & shows…

I’ve been in the crowd since I was little. My favorite venue growing up was right around the corner from my house. If I walked in there today, there is a 95% chance someone would recognize me as the little kid who used to stand on the tables to see her favorite band play. I was just the kid always at the show, no matter the band or how much past my bedtime it was.

The weekend before I moved out of my hometown, I went to watch a pop-punk band I went to high school with play at my beloved venue. That show is still in my top 5 favorite shows of all time. The energy, excitement and love that was in the venue that night was exhilarating. It was from that show I became inspired to create Summer Sapphires.

I wanted to run a company that could put as much passion into it’s products as a band puts into performing for a crowd. I wanted to run a company that creates products that speak to the customers in the same way lyrics do to a fan. 

woven bottom crop top Not a groupie

Handmade was the only option…

There’s a difference between the bands that write their own songs and those that play other people’s songs. Their heart is just in it more when the song means something to them personally.

In the same sense, there is something different about clothes that are handmade. They feel different. They look different. They mean more. They weren’t mass produced in a factory, someone took the time to put care into each and every step.

They have a story behind them.

THAT is my favorite part about making products for Summer Sapphires. The final step for everything I make is pinning on a tag that tells the buyer how their new item came to be. Dated and detailed, down to what song was playing while it was made. 

So our story can become part of your story.