Creating HeadBANDs

When I shaved 2/3 my head 4 years ago I gave/threw away most of my hair accessories. I didn’t need them/was moving in with Zach & just didn’t have space for them.

It was great! The top of my dresser could be dedicated to aalllll my makeup. I used my curling iron to touch up some bedhead here & there, but otherwise never needed much more than a bobby pin or two.

Then I decided grow it all back.

It was awkward.

Really awkward.

The non-shaved part of my hair started at about six inches long. The shaved side at 1/2 an inch. This made for weirdness as they both grew at the same rate but at drastically different lengths.

Thankfully, my hair grows SUPER fast and the awkward phase passed quickly with lots of creative braiding in the meantime.

Got a hair cut six months later and it was all evened out!

I had forgotten how much damn hair I have though. It’s thick, curly and has a damn life of its own. I needed something that was going to keep my new mane out of the way.

I bought a wrap headband because a friend wears them all the time. They’re super cute and can add a pop of color to my mostly black wardrobe.

It was too small. It looked ok, but kinda weird on my giant ass head with all my damn hair.

Elastic does the job but stays comfy to wear.

So, it was time to make my own.

I used some fabric leftover from a skirt I’d made previously. Cut it extra wide and gave it an encased elastic back so it would fit snug but not too tight. Easy to put on in the mornings, but still makes me look put together for my job at the law firm.

The first one came out a little big but still wearable. My second one was perfect and I found them so much fun to make!

Rockin’ my first wrap headBAND at my office job.

They are quick, easy & let me use up the small extra bits of fabric I always seem to have. Plus they are a simple way to wear something handmade on a semi-daily basis.

That’s why I decided to start selling them. I’ve been looking at ways to start introducing more small batch items to my shop. These were an obvious choice!

I’ve started with a few different fabrics, all very small batches. I’ve chosen to use only remnant fabrics for these, meaning I can usually get about 3-5 headBANDs max out of a cut.

For my non-sewist followers: remnant fabric is what the fabric store has left over from a bolt, is an odd cut or slightly flawed. They sell it at a reduced price instead of throwing it away. I LOVE using remnants for my products because it helps reduce the environmental impact of my production. Plus, it keeps my products more one of a kind!

HeadBANDs are a great product to make out of remnant fabrics, since they don’t require much yardage. I’ll also be able to make a few one offs from the large scraps that come with making my own clothes. Yay to recycling fabric!

You can shop my headBANDs right here.
Remember, designs are limited. Once they are gone, that’s it!

What I listened to while writing this post & editing pictures to go with it:
Who You Selling For by The Pretty Reckless.